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Концепция развития школы "The New Heart"

улица Восстания, 8, Санкт-Петербург

год: 2018


Концепция выполнена в рамках образовательной программы ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE FEDERALE DE LAUSANNE и образовательной платформы EDX под руководством профессора Доминика Перро.

Pavlovsky Institute Garden IAF (59.934338, 30.357751)

“The New Heart”. The Groundscape Concept of the Development of the Historic quarter.

The territory is situated in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was the part of large Italian garden in the second part of the XVIII century. Now It is the yard (Pavlovsky Institute Garden) surrounded by residential buildings, hospital, school and office buildings that was mainly built in the second part of the XIX century. The school and its territory including garden is the cultural heritage site. It is one of the few green public spaces in the area.

The historical school building does not meet the standards of modern education.

The new underground spaces primarily expand the school facilities: a public space (recreation) is created, it is important for the development of children social skills. It can be used for concerts. Creating such an outdoor space is not possible because of the climate and the concept of education. In the new space will be additional classes and sports facilities that is not possible to create in a historic building of the XIX century. Open and closed audiences are created. Part of the space, including sports will be available to local residents after hours.

The main axes of the complex are matched up with axes of the garden and the axis of the school entrance. Therefore, the main entrance to the new space organized from the street on the other side of the school. Pupils will come to the cloakroom (-1 level) and then go up the stairs to the main classes or pass through to the new area (also be held the audience during concerts). Teachers and visitors will use the historical entrance.

Besides there are two local entrances from the garden. And there are also several connections with historical school.

The main public and communication space around which auditoriums and other functions are located is a two-light green atrium. The cylindrical structures of one or two-light multipurpose auditoriums are located in it. 

In the most lighted place, there is a green zone with pond and plants. Plants are chosen based on ambient light. Besides there is a light column (a system of mirrors and lenses) that increases the luminous flux getting inside.

The second floor gallery is enough wide for rest and for study. The auditoriums - columns and the grid of beams on the ceiling imbue rigid geometry of space.

Above is a schoolyard and a small historical garden (what remains of the Pavlovsky Institute Garden) with a historical layout. Thus, it is not possible to organize natural light everywhere, so there were designed lamps imitating light openings.

There are technical and utility rooms that provide ventilation and transformation of public space located around the atrium mainly in the -2 level. The school also receives a new library and dance halls, a gym and a swimming pool with podiums. The basement of the historical building is partiality used for cloakroom, library and technical/utility functions.


The problem of parking in the quarter is not solved now.

Designed mechanical parking will be used by residents, employees of surrounding offices and visitors.


-1 level / basement:

Study/conference zones


Dancing halls




-2 level

Public space (square)

Small garden

Study/conference zones

Technical and utility rooms

Mechanical parking


Area of the new construction – 13200 m2

Construction volume (mew) – 100000 m3

Area of the reconstructed part (basement) – 3900 m2

​Mechanical parking -  180 parking lots

EPFLx GROUNDSCAPEx Certificate _ edX_1mb
EPFLx GROUNDSCAPEx Certificate _ edX_1mb
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